Have you hit a wall of red tape and are unable to personally collect your drone from the Civil Aviation Authority? Does it seem to you that everything and everyone is secretly conspiring to prevent its return?

Do you doubt the process that leads to the retrieval of your drone? Do you not know what options you have and how to make it happen to finally get your drone back? Are there more "mission impossible" situations waiting for you that will lead to finally getting your drone back?

Or perhaps you want to write off the drone and the footage taken and stored on the memory cards that come with the seized drone?

You could even be arrested! I mean, probably not in the Czech Republic, but in Zimbabwe, in 2007 I was almost arrested for taking a photo in a shop with sold-out shelves, which after all I didn't even take. Since then, I know that uniforms, railway stations, presidential palaces and outlet stores are not photographed.

Your drone has been seized by the police and is at the Civil Aviation Authority. You paid the fine and now you want your drone back. The authority finally gives you the drone but refuses to send it. But you can pick it up in person. But you are no longer in Prague and you can't pick it up in person.

It's more complicated than you might think!

The situation is complicated by the fact that the drone cannot be picked up by anyone, e.g. a courier driver unknown to you in advance. The person in question must show a Power of Attorney containing an ID number. The actual pick up of the drone takes about 20 minutes and no courier will take that much time to pick it up.

If you entrust the Power of Attorney to a friend who is in Prague on vacation or lives here, then after picking it up you will find that sending the drone by air is completely impossible for the individual.


Drones containing Li-Ion batteries fall under the so-called DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations). These goods can only be shipped by a person certified to do so by IATA (International Air Transport Association) which has a contract with an air carrier that transports these goods on board their plane and then across the route in certified trucks and vans to the destination address.

This person is also responsible for the safe packaging of the goods. They are responsible for ensuring that no accidents occur during transport, e.g. that the plane does not crash due to a fire in the cargo hold. This means that there is no material damage or loss of life.

Li-ion batteries are much more dangerous to transport than transporting radioactive elements together with explosives.

I can't believe this! After all, I brought my drone on a plane without much trouble or attention from anyone else!

Yes and no. Although you brought your drone on the plane without any attention at first, sending it back independently is not that easy. There is a difference between carrying Li-ion batteries (with the drone or in a laptop) in the passenger compartment and the baggage and cargo compartment. The packaging must meet the prescribed rules and the shipment must be declared so that the captain of the plane knows about it. Yes indeed, the captain of the plane responsible for the safe flight and the lives of the passengers knows about every dangerous good on board.

All carriers are afraid of burning Li-ion batteries, which have a burning point of 2000 degrees Celsius and are difficult to extinguish on the ground let alone in a flying plane. In addition, the oxygen (O2) in the air or water you would think to extinguish greatly promotes combustion. It's like not pouring gasoline on a fire. That's why all carriers have great respect for batteries.

Why can't the Civil Aviation Authority send you a drone?

It's a government organization that even trains shippers to ship dangerous goods, so it doesn't offer that service, nor does it have the necessary contracts with carriers. It is a state-established organisation that fulfils functions by law, and the law does not oblige them to send seized drones around the world.

Although they do not send drones, they treat dangerous goods and Li-ion batteries with such respect that it shocks you. They don't just store them on a shelf or in a cupboard like everyone else but have special fireproof bags to store the batteries in.


Is it like banging your head against a wall? What would you say if I had something that could help you?

Now it looks like the whole world is ganging up on you. Believe me, you're at the end of all your troubles.

So what do I have for you?

We'll arrange a meeting at the Civil Aviation Authority. We'll pick up the drone for you and start the 9-day deadline for delivery of the drone to your home, anywhere in the world.

That day we will bring your drone safely to our special packing warehouse and pack it according to the requirements of the Dangerous Goods Regulations. Packaging depends on the transport used and the number and capacity of Li-ion batteries in the shipment. We will order shipping with delivery to the address you specify. A courier will pick up your packed drone the same afternoon. We will send you a tracking link and within a few days, the drone will get back to you.

If the place of delivery is outside the EU customs union, the shipment will have to go through customs. This applies to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, UK, among others. It will take up to 9 days for your drone to reach customs, but the clearance time cannot be accurately determined in advance. It usually takes from a few hours to a few days.

The next working day your drone will be delivered by courier to your address.


How much will it cost me?

We will drive to the Civil Aviation Authority and collect the drone and any seized accessories thanks to your power of attorney. We will bring it to the packing depot and pack it so that the drone arrives safely to you. We will use secure and express shipping to ensure delivery is within days.

You will pay for this service depending on the destination (the world is divided into several zones by the carrier), weight, size of the shipment, number of batteries, and battery capacity. Whether you are based in an EU customs union, or whether you are a VAT payer in an EU country.

Based on this information, we will be able to determine a price that ranges from 85 EUR to several hundred EUR.

And what about shipment insurance?

You can insure your shipment against loss or destruction during transit. Everyone sees it differently. If you require insurance, we will declare the shipment at the value you specify. Otherwise, we will reduce the value so that the next clearance is based on the lower price.

Guarantee: we will deliver your drone to you within a maximum of 9 days of collection from the Civil Aviation Authority.

What now?

Fill out the questionnaire and get a no-obligation quote for home delivery of your drone.

Pay attention to filling in details about the drone, such as type, number of batteries, and capacity in mAh. Describe other accessories. Don't forget to write down the full address for delivery, including the email address and phone number where the drone delivery courier will contact you.

The price of the service depends on the transport used, the number and capacity of Li-ion batteries, the dimensions of the shipment and its total weight.

After you approve the quote, we will issue an invoice and send you a power of attorney to pick up the drone. You will fill in the power of attorney and send it to us and the contact email of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Take advantage of the easiest drone delivery option with a guarantee of safe delivery.

Complete the form below and we will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

P.S. Get your drone back from the Civil Aviation Authority. Authorise us to collect it and we will collect your drone and carefully pack it according to DRG shipping rules and deliver it to your home within 9 days.

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